Gam-e-Abi Company

Knowledged-based Gam Abi Farda Company (Special Shares), a designer and manufacturer of modern construction materials, was registered and started its activity in Tehran in 2002. By carrying out more than two hundred thousand square meters of specialized construction space, this company has gained a brilliant record in this field before 2009.

This company, having a research and development (R&D) unit, has significant activities in cooperation with the housing and road and urban development research center, the scientific and industrial research center of Iran located in the growth center, the fuel and energy optimization organization, the polymer and petrochemical research institute of Iran Laboratory It was done by Razi Metallurgy and partner laboratories of Iran Standard Organization.

Therefore, in addition to patenting a new product called lightweight insulating prefabricated panels, he succeeded in obtaining various certificates, approvals and standards, including Russian GOST-R, Iran's national standard 755, and acceptable test reports in the field of production and ISO. 9001, HSE in the field of management.

Honorary membership in the EAE European Organization and attending the specialized meetings of this organization and presenting its products, sought the approval and appreciation of the energy category trustees in the world for this company's product.

The products of this company with the registered brand of HenzA in the field of manufacturing casting products, including prefabricated concrete slabs GFRC, GRC, and prefabricated exposed concrete, GRG, decorative stones (Cast Stone) and luxury and cold-resistant polymer pavements It is produced and supplied to domestic and international markets in a factory with an area of 5,000 square meters in the capital industrial town located at 45 km of Khavaran road.