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Henza Designer and manufacturer of prefabricated plates

The science based Company of Gam-e- Abi Farda is the producer of products of construction material under the brand of Henza. The prducts range from fiberglass reinforced prefabricated concrete (GFRC), exposed prefabricated concrete, decorative stone and cobble stones with the concepts of nature. The company has managed to receive the GODT-R standard certificate from Russian Federation.


The sense of walking over stone, soil, grass or whatever is available in the nature would be created using Henza cobble stones.

Decorative stone

The decorative stones with a different tissue are retrieved from traditional, modern and post-modern concepts and give the designer a great ability to create a different environment. Henza’s decorative stones will turn into a great instrument in creative designer hands.

Exposed concrete

Henza produces the prefabricated exposed concretein different size and models proper for different architects and engineers’ tastes. More than all the specific details and all the highlited characteristics, the constructor could now install our products without any of the previous related problems of similar products.


Henza produces prefabricated fiberglass reinforced concrete with all the needed molds with incorporating spray and premix techniques and using specialized production instruments.


Henza GFRC Advantages Against Others

  1. High resistance
  2. Variety of shape and color
  3. (Lower weight (in comparison with similar products
  4. No limitations in design during the shape selection
  5. (Applicable to choose in all the positions (vertical,horizontal,under roof
  6. (High quality (due to being prefabricated
  7. Applicability of decorative designs
  8. Best safety degree in highly elevated buildings
  9. Ease of installation
  10. Neatness
  11. Two side installation






The advantages of prefabricated exposed concrete (PEC)

  1. Fabrication in various designs and shapes
  2. Fabrication in different sizes based on the construction project
  3. High installation speed and rate
  4. High resistance
  5. Installable with sticky materials or through dry process




Henza Decorative Stone Advantages Against Others

  1. Variety of designs including : polished , leather and wooden patterns
  2. variety of colors including simple and streaked and ability to modify colors as desired
  3. Lower risk of damage in case of falling due to light weight
  4. Higher longevity
  5. Lower production cost due to reusing aggregate of other construction materials



Advantages of HenzA cobble stone in comparison with other construction materials

Henza stones are produced with an inspiration of Earth. However the new technologies that we use grants us the board range of products suitable for all the areas. Accordingly designers have a vast range of choices to incorporate any of our products in their decoration and construction project.


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