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Nowadays with the improvement and technical growth in structure designs and significant architectures, not only the traditional methods are not capable of copping with the developments, but also there are many issues identified for them including not being feasible and not being safe. Accordingly from 1960s, the prefabricate construction material association of Canada, chose a new approach for the outer face and decoration of the building, which involved incorporation of concrete blocks reinforced with glass fiber (Glass fiber reinforced concrete or GFRC) instead of steel in precast products. Due to the fact that tensile strength and bending strength of  GFRCs are higher than normal concrete, they are widely used in the building and structure industries currently. High resistance to different environmental conditions like wind, rain, sun light and also earth quake on one side and the capability of GFRC products to get shaped in all desired forms and design on the other side, permits the building to match with its surrounding to the best extent. Accordingly there are better and more advantages identified for the product in comparison with the other available products.

GRC Advantages Against Others :

  1. High resistance
  2. Lower weight (in comparison with similar products)
  3. Variety of shape and color
  4. No limitations in design during the shape selection
  5. Applicable to choose in all the positions (vertical , horizontal , under the roof)
  6. High quality ( due to being prefabricated)
  7. Applicability of decorative designs
  8. Best safety degree in highly elevated buildings
  9. Ease of installation
  10. Neatness
  11. Two side installation ( effective both on the urban area and the inhabitants of the building)

GFRC or GRC which stand for Glass fiber reinforced concrete and introduce new forms of casted concretes, are new interesting materials for elite and top ranked architects. The trend of using these new materials is extending widely due to the high interests over the mentioned materials.

GFRC products of Henza are categorized into two types:

Volumetric GFRC products

Indoor and outdoor GFRC decorations

Gam-e-Abi Co, relying on its great technical, scientific and industrial experiences, has moved forward to produce brand new products of construction materials of GRC and GFRC with an exclusive ability to create 360 degree molds to fabricate two sided GFRCs so that designers and constructors could have an open mind kept for their personal creativity.


Muqarnas Bells

These bells are casted with 360 degree molds and are fabricated as seamless one-piece products. The radius of the piece is 11.5 cm and the upper side of the bell own 50×50 cm area and 43 cm height. 

Roman Pedestal 

These pedestal is produced in two different sizes with the semicircular shape and with radiuses equal to 14 cm and 27, and height equal to 20 cm and 26 respectively.

Lily Partition / Two sided

This two-sided GFRC piece is fabricated with the size of 50 × 100 cm and could be used for internal decoration and design usages. Near pool designs and landscape designs are other conventional application of volumetric GFRCs. 


Orchid Partition / Two sided 

This two-sided peace is also fabricated with the size of 50 × 100 cm and could be used for interior design.

Fractal GFRC

Fractal model of our GFRCs, is one of the modern and interesting products, consisting of I and X pieces and an especial algorithm is considered in its installing which results in a unique 3-dimentional featu

Interior and outdoor view


It is possible to use in this piece according to the frame behind the piece in the facade of the building dry.

This piece is produced in dimensions of 2×1 meters.

پنل چلیپا- جی اف آر سی
پنل چلیپا- جی اف آر سی
Roundel 3D panels  

This design is used in two panels with the size of 70 × 80 cm which are used symmetrically. The correct setting of these panels lead to a complete roundel flower. Application of these panels in outdoor designs are conventional conducted using proper fittings without mortar.  

Chalipa Panel 

These panels are fabricated with a size of 58 × 58 cm and with a low thickness for interior design as inner plate for the partition frames.

Agra panel 

This panel is fabricated with the size of 60 × 60 cm owning Excrescences to create visual errors to remove production lines remained on the panel. This peace could be applied with special fittings or traditionally with mortar based on the costumer’s order. 

Dahlia panel

This panel is produced with both GFRC and GRC technique with the size of 50 × 50 cm. 


Sun panel 

This panel is produced in 50 × 50 cm and with the thin format.

Kaplan panel 

This panel is fabricated in 59 × 118 cm dimensions in different thicknesses for outdoor design.