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When we walk in the nature, rather than all the sights and the eye catching views and the fresh air, there is the great feeling of walking on the stones, soil and grass. This is one of the most beautiful feelings of life – touching the body of earth. So it’s a must to consider this feeling when we intend to bring the nature to our houses. Accordingly we should choose materials which are compatible to our environment and the decoration existing in our houses. Materials that are produced in various ranges of colors, shapes, sizes, patterns etc. we pursue this goal. 

Cobles that we produce are proper for those who need a different shape but are not eager to bear heavy expenses of natural stones. Henza stones are available in different colors. The products are capable of being used in the coldest environment as they are like a hero in areas with most intense environmental variations. Stone tiles bring colors and patterns to our houses and offer an incomparable level of quality and intimacy.

Advantages of HenzA cobble stone in comparison with other construction materials

Henza stones are produced with an inspiration of Earth. However the new technologies that we use grants us the board range of products suitable for all the areas. Accordingly designers have a vast range of choices to incorporate any of our products in their decoration and construction project.

Henza cobble stones are divided into two categories: 

Windy cobble stones

Pallet colors series 1 series 2 series 3

A stone design like hatchet and hammer and made of natural textures whose irregular designs gives a different beauty to the surfaces. Henza windy cast stones flexibility in addition to a variety of role has posterior smooth surface which makes installtion easier, faster, and less costly in terms of the use of installed consumables.

Adding linear light on windly stone textures give additional beauty to the surfaces. Windy stones can be used both on the façade and on the floor. Choosing smoother surfaces on the floor also makes ease of movement.

سنگ بادبر , سنگ فرش , سنگ فرش بادبر 20x40

Windy cobble stone 20×40 cm

These stones are the newest and the most novel cobbles in the market which is produced exclusively by Henza. The product owns a slight windy surface and due to small dimensions are properly set with the patterns of straw and adobe. Henza is capable of producing these stones with more than 50 colors.  

Number per: 12.5
Weight per panel: 5 Kg
Weight per: 65 Kg
Dimension: 20×40

Windy cobble stone 30×60 cm

These cobbles own a slight windy surface and are good choices for landscapes and are properly used in traffic. These products are produced in more than 50 colors. 

Number per: 5.5
Weight per panel: 6.3 Kg ± 2%
Weight per: 35 Kg ± 2%
Dimension: 30×60 cm
سنگ بادبر , سنگ فرش , سنگ فرش بادبر 30x60
سنگ بادبر , سنگ فرش , سنگ فرش بادبر 40x60

Windy cobble stone 40×60 cm

These cobble stones are produced with 2 cm thickness and are great choices for landscapes. The referred cobbles are properly used in traffic.  

Number per: 4.2
Weight per panel: 7 Kg ± 2%
Weight per: 29 Kg ± 2%
Dimension: 40×60 cm

Windy cobble stone 40×40 cm

These cobbles own a slight windy surface and are a good choice for the pedestrians’ path ways. The products are capable of being installed in adobe, rhombus and raster patterns. Like other novel products of Henza these cobbles are produced in more than 50 colors. 

Number per: 6.2
Weight per panel: 8 Kg ± 2%
Weight per: 50 Kg ± 2%
Dimension: 40×40 cm
سنگ بادبر , سنگ فرش , سنگ فرش بادبر 40x40
سنگ بادبر , سنگ فرش , سنگ فرش بادبر 30x30

Windy cobble stone 30×30 cm

Thresher cobbles are available in 3 type of windy, rough and different. Incorporation of these construction materials are conventional in outdoor areas of villas. 

Number per: 11
Weight per panel: 4.5 Kg ± 2%
Weight per: 50 Kg ± 2%
Dimension: 30×30 cm

Plaid Windy  cobble stones  

These cobbles are great supplementary products that suits other windy products of Henza.   

Number per: 6.2
Weight per panel: 8 Kg ± 2%
Weight per: 50 Kg ± 2%
Dimension: 40×40 cm
سنگ بادبر , سنگ فرش , سنگ فرش بادبر شطرنجی


Wood-stone cobbles are new products with a long life span from the Henza decorative stones. The are shaped like limber or thermowood. 

woodstone , وود استون

The advantages of wood stone to thermo-wood:

1. Longer durability because of the mineral structure of the stone

2. Easier to install without need to supporting fastening system

3. No need of final modification in color

4. Resistance to heat and water

5. resistant to acid rain and salt especially coastal areas

6. No need for regular maintenance

7. Wide range of colors matching natural woodsy colors and more fantasy colors (20 woodsy colors and more than 50 industrial colors)

8. Ability to be used indoor and outdoor facades, ceiling and floor.


Number per:

Weight per panel: 3.8 Kg ± 2%
Weight per: 45 Kg ± 2%
Dimension: 60x15 cm
WOODSTONE ووداستون 60X15
WOODSTONE ووداستون 100X15


Number per:

Weight per panel: 9 Kg
Weight per: 59/5 Kg
Dimension: 100x15 cm