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About Us


The sience based company of Gam-e-Abi Farda (private share) is the designer and producer of new construction materials active in the field form 1382 registered in Tehran. The company has gathered a great record and reference list with construction of more than 20,000 square meter of buildings prior to 1389.

Owning an active research and development center has led to company to contribute with many research centers such as construction, road and urbanism organization, center of industrial and scientific researches, optimization of fuel organization, polymer and petrochemical research center, Razi methalorgy Lab centers, standard organization lab centers.

Our History

Accordingly, the company has managed to register many patents for the construction materials like prefabricated isolated outdoor decoration and construction material. The company has also the gift of being granted many certificates and standards like GOST-R from Russia, standard no. 700 from Iran’s standard organization, test report over the production processes and HSE and ISO 9001 in management systems. 

Honored membership in in European organization of EAE and presence in the specialized meetings on one side and presenting different novel products of the company has led to great acceptance of Gam-e-Abi in international communities.

All the products of this company in the field of casting construction material (GRC/GFRC/PFC), luxury stones, polymer based stones and decoratives are presented under the registered brand of Henza. All the products are fabricated in a factory with an active area of 5000 square meter located in the industrial city of Khavaran near Tehran. The products are treated, finalized and packed in the factory and are presented to internal and international markets through special distributing channels.

Game-E-Abi Timeline

  1. 2003
    establishing company
  2. 2003-2005
    Launches water utilities and Pool equipments
  3. 2005-2009
    Design and construction of sport facilities
  4. 2009-2011
    science and research activities
  5. 2011-2013
    Pre-production and set up the prefabricated panel production lines
  6. 2013-Now
    development of production lines 

Board members of the company are specialized engineers and professors with related educations in the field of architecture, design and construction, urban management, strategic management and production management.

We are honored to present ourselves as one of the few companies with science based background in the field of construction material production.